Who Is DBanj In The House Of African Music?

Agwuma Kingsley
4 min readDec 26, 2020
Who Is — DBanj in Nigerian Music Industry

Well, You don’t need a voodoo priest to remind you the massive love, respect and appreciation African music is gaining through global traction. Way back, the art being focused, housed fervent and hardworking stars who amplified excellence, paved there path to cultural expansion, and inked their greatness on the halls of fame through consistence, refining and pacing their artistic levels and deliveries on various stance, conglomerating outburst development and crowning glory unto the afro-culture today youngsters are involved with their art in Nigerian music industry. Every glory today, in Nigerian music industry existed and the chain reaction is a continuous eruption and development towards cultural expansion in diaspora. The exposition, break through, love and appreciation of Afro-beats originates majorly with the core Nigerian super-stars, like, 2Baba, Dbanj, Wande Coal, Donjazzy, etc.

The cultural expansion has built an abode with hierarchy to mark core superstars who drove her from home through mainstream passage, won her varieties of awards from the beginning, including series of nomination on the roll for multiple award categories; these bright stars also accompanied verses and traded tracks together with great world superstars back then, recorded massive recognition’s for the culture they’ve uphold-ed with shield that strongly engages respect amongst contemporaries in African music till date.

DBanj — Performed his flute on Baba Nla (Cultural Expansion)

The Koko-master, D-Banj, is a very strong African musician that has lived up to witness the result of his underlying effort in afro-culture. He is a core afro-beat superstar, the one really next to the genre’s pioneer, Fela Kuti, his perfect flute blowing ability makes a new stronger sense with clear beautiful pictures having to display cultural expansion with even difference, but His place in the house of African music has been crafted and designed with an unbreakable monument, a large symbolic crest built with gold and diamonds wherein he stands en-graven like an idol to worship, grounded with power and ruler-ship on the culture.

His struggles and moves first kept a balance of extravagant love and trust to the existing Afro-beat sound which when he graced, spawned to mainstream UK afro-beat listeners after several struggles before leaving MoHit Records in 2012; He made the modern international breakthrough deliberate and more easier for today’s acts who attempt crossing over their artistry to diaspora. The Koko-master is next to Fela Kuti in the hierarchy on the order of acts who comes to understand the culture and it’s proper display, and then he took it to the recent position it’s belonged with deserved dispositions of artistry left to replace his idealism accordingly. Good sounds, brave deliveries and solidifying creations that listeners trust having to dance and enjoy the genre.

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, the 40-year old Nigerian superstar known as DBanj, also pioneered the genre with his music, his dance, fashion and style depict cultural hereditary and a strong relationship of ownership to Afro-culture. He is the prince of the culture and it’s modern day expansion.

The Afro-king, Fela Kuti bares a style alone relating afro-beats, with his trumpet, his whole brand signifying the natural idealism reigned with exceeding influence in Nigerian music industry. Fela Kuti, the king of Afro-beats was deliberate about his moves to execute revolution and change in the African system, and his home specifically. He broadly influenced majority of African acts and his dispositions many designed artistry with close rendition, the likes of Damini Ogulu, known as Burnaboy. But Dbanj, the prince of the culture next to Fela and his curation offered sacrifices that amplified the fact that he is legendary, very creative in Nigerian music industry, the same fact that his remained an un-shaking force, despite the pressure recently flowing in Nigerian music; his remained notable like the prince he is, still servicing a different cultural expansion in the-same flow while he has offered various chance towards expansion that was never mis-placed by today’s superstars, the likes of, Wizkid, Mr.Eazi, Burnaboy, Davido, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and other vanguards of the culture in Nigerian music scene fighting to globalize Afrobeats specifically. Everybody plays a role in the expansion of the culture and it seems these acts have lots of works to do racing along the same track, re-occuring several events which there progenitors have left behind.

DBanj — MTV Europe Music Awards (2007)

In the House of African music where the late King of Afro-beat, Fela Kuti, trumpets perfection for many orders, entertaining and releasing enslaved minds of his people, singing them to there awareness of corrupt leaders who end up punishing them; next to him is the prince of the same culture, Dbanj, who blows a flute interestingly and makes lovely display of the culture with a new and stronger sense and thrust that have driven large figure in cultural expansion, made you love the culture from various ends. Dbanj, has done a lot for the culture and the glory can’t be taken from his blossom while he is alive, he is the prince and a part pioneer of the Afrobeat’s cultural expansion. No one can’t take the glory even when he kicks the bucket or isn’t a Grammy Award winner or nominee yet.



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