The Story Of True Love, Adebayo, Solomon, Buchi, and Jonathan. [Contd]

Agwuma Kingsley
2 min readFeb 23, 2022
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Love God first, because it is through him you would have a better understanding of what truly is all about. Loving God first is like orchestrating a concrete foundation where that relationship can rest. Loving God should be paramount as the leading force required to calmly run any relationship or union.

Currently, Adebayo is prepared to have his pre-wedding photoshoot with his fiancé Queen. Remember in our previous story how he complained about being in several failed relationships that never made crossroads. Now he called me a few days ago reminding me of his wedding. Earlier this month he gave me a special invitation via e-mail, and I became so excited on his behalf. He has his friends with him, Solomon, Buchi, and Jonathan whom he picked as his chief best man.

According to Adebayo’s story, the process of getting the one to call mine is a bitter-sweet experience. While he invested more in patience which has become so engaged in wrapping up true love, it is a great sign that God’s spirit is dominant in his life regardless.

In the process, he recalled a couple of friends demanding that he back down from his lover for the cause of her slightly long silence when they began at the time. He remembers not usually having a response from the one he loves, in his thoughts, “does it mean she doesn’t love me, back?” He kept questioning himself vaguely and exercising so much worry often which has now become evident in his facial expressions. Jonathan his companion inquired to know the reasons why. Meanwhile, Adebayo kept mute repeatedly, however as time went on, his friend quickly understood his plight and shared that in the journey of true love regardless, when you’ve tried enough, let it be. In his words, “if she’s yours, She’ll find her way back through your window” He concluded and it sparked a bright smile of hope on Adebayo’s face.

And guess what the most spellbinding part is, it is that I’ll be celebrating my birthday that Saturday!

While Adebayo has found things a bit difficult and different at the time. His lover has found her way back. Remember the part patience played in between it all, remember also that it is because he had the understanding that he has to love God first and it was what orchestrated this journey from the start and, now he would be wedding Queen by this coming March 5th, 2022. And guess what the most spellbinding part is, it is that I’ll be celebrating my birthday that Saturday!

To Be Continued.



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