Tems: Miss Extraordinary In Nigerian Music Scene, Deserves More.

Agwuma Kingsley
3 min readJan 11, 2021
Tems — Miss Extraordinary

Temilade Openiyi, the popular Nigerian female singer and record producer, Tems, gradually breaks through cultural spaces with refined Afro-beat; culminating the fusion of mild R&B and powerful pop aesthetics she unites her creations to form an extraordinary suction in Afro culture. She is the West African star, who shapes records squarely to suit with her unique voice, melds her encapsulating melody alongside great songs.

Tems has proven her pungent edge which distinguishes her from contemporaries, in Nigerian music scene. She is keen about music creations that penetrates ones heart and soul. “Try me” is very strong Tem’s 2019 Alte ballad, which proved her enviable prowess for prospective hit making. In ‘Try Me’, she created a plot for herself, confronting challengers and denigrating agents who tends to pull strings for her destruction. Tems literally cemented the foundation of her trust in Nigerian music scene with the “Try Me” record, after releasing “Mr Rebel” and “Looku Looku” in 2018.

Tems — Try Me (Music Video)

The 25-year old, singer has continued to arrest us to a host of sweet melodies. In “These Days”, she confined us to a painstaking serenity for nourishing vibes and she stakes us with strong “Damage” the same year. It builds on her many sides; where she unravels self and tells tales of experiences coming to this point of her career.

Tems — Damage (Music Video)

“Back then when I was a new youngie/Surely you were tryna run on me/I’ve been, I been going on my own/I been, I been doing things unknown/Since day one you running right back/Save the drama you running off track/Is a one life, you tell me one life/One time, you tell me one time/Open your eyes, open your eyes baby/Can you be wise? ’Cause you are my pride baby/I’m on a way I’m on the run baby/Leave me alone, leave me alone, take it back now/I put you on there”.. She continues to unravel her tale with heavy pop mechanisms and strong afro-structural essence.

Tems — Interference (Youtube Audio)

Miss extraordinary, recently offered us a very powerful project titled, “Broken Ears”, which frontiers her godlike dexterity for record production, and her singing lit and sassy for herself curated records to glow into distinction. Her opening track, “Interference”, was cool and full of creativity as she transited to “Free Mind”, “Ice T” and more. Closing the project with “The Key”, was powered by excellence. “The Key” is a spot that leaves you wondering the source of Tem’s inspirations to form such cohesive project, her debut project; the bouncing pop and background percussion instruments was meant to sustain the sauce in “The Key”. Tem’s talents are rare kind, and it makes her to be such an extraordinary superstar. See her through this needle, she also piloted “Essence” with Starboy, Wizkid, for a track in the victorious “Made In Lagos” Project. She tripped fine, magnified her sense for exotic vibe nonstop. The same energy she dished for American singer, Khalid’s “Know Your Worth” Remix, with the Nigerian baddest, Davido. Tems, has proven her worth for heightened taste in many testaments and I bet you should believe her place by now. Amongst contemporaries, she deserves every attachment that amplifies her art generally because it states “Cultural expansion”. Her sounds are refined Afro-beat suction. She deserves it all, because she is Miss extraordinary in Nigerian music scene.



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