Sons Of Anarchy: The Trio, Ajebohustlers & Davido Takes Over The Nigerian Music Industry.

Agwuma Kingsley
2 min readNov 4, 2020

Nigerian music industry, have overly influenced her economy; the music industry have overtaken her through a fusion saturating legit Afro and pop culture. Several worthy artistry, have been establishing a resounding wave that carefully explores the fresh chaotic state of her nation. Injustice, insecurity, Police brutality, terrible governance, plus so many citizens taking the arms of law by themselves.

No doubt, the Port-harcourt breed Lagos based duo, Ajebohustlers — “Barawo” track have taken over. “Barawo”, hits G-Spot and have left a solemn anthem for every Nigerian youth to hold on to. Barawo, is an exclusive Afro-pop produced by popular Nigerian Popstar, 1dabanton. He portrayed perfection and finished the creation without any spot nor blemish. The sophisticated tune, dropped and it rained heavily suiting the overwhelming plight in the Nigerian economy. A Remix also came along, featuring DMW Boss, Davido. Who jumped radical, upon the sophisticated tune and the team up like anarchism. The kind, involving elites racing along a path tending to invoke change in her economic system through musical weapon creating consciousness. In Davido’s lyrics,

“I don tire to complain

All of the matter and palava

Wey don jaburata

From Maraba, Alaba down to Costain

Omo the people don taya

Their strength e quench Patapa

Won know the day now

Wey the situation go change o

Won know the day now

Wey people go stop to hate o

Won know the day now ah!

Wey people go start to use their brain o

Won know the day now

Wey dey go stop use us play o”

This kind, tends to reshape her collapsing economy. Tyrant leadership, and this trio creates scene for sensitization through the potential ‘Barawo’ record. “Barawo”, is un-arguably amongst one of the hottest Nigerian song of the year. The trend suits the situation for its sequentiality. Basically, the track stood on solid rock, acted towards breaking down bad and corrupt leaders in Nigerian economy. This form of anarchism rolls on a different plain tending to invoke the freedom citizens of her nation deserves.



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