“See Why Nigerian Music Industry Needs A Peter & Paul Resurrection”.

Agwuma Kingsley
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Peter and Paul Okoye

Peter and Paul Okoye, are a very popular Nigerian singer and dancer, a stage vibrant duo; identical twin brothers known as P-SQuare. The recent defunct music duo that truly entertain, leave every fan thrilled, filled and overly excited with their electrifying performances. Their split in 2017 for relationship feud, to run separate careers and never come back after series of fan persuasion is very strong ill sign written boldly on the wall of a tied fate, “things have fallen apart for the duo”, accompanied a head slowly shaking from left to right saying, “Oh no, Oh no!”. Maybe that could be their late Mother who’ve been watching them from abyss and wishing to be with her super talented boys 30mins, after leaving the land of the dead. Perhaps, they might understand less the whole situation if they were given a day to see the strong grief in this illustration.

Mr P and Rudeboy, now separately lack that strong bond for an edge amongst contemporaries and impactful records as defunct PSquare. Talk less of gaining chances to express their lovely electrifying performances which they’ve always shared since high school now robbed to separateness; they are slowly fading away and that’s not why Peter and Paul have been created by God, as unique pairs to conglomerate artistic distinction.

Psquare — Miss You Die (YouTube Audio)

Maybe their going separate cause, would not be fan comprehension or could a supernatural manipulation beyond human, manhandle this cause? Because I really feel they both are leaving behind a higher purpose to fulfill with artistry, rather they are settling on for mere conflict and separation. No records together, nor have they been seen together for music videos, and really nothing solid have ever come from them running separate cause. Of course, they can get differences as pairs but this kind, is over reactive and it’s severely affecting their both growth. I feel it’s a supernatural force manipulated to avoid them reaching full potentials as outstanding superstars.

PSquare feat. Akon and Mr May D — Chop My Money, Remix (Official Music Video)

The popular Nigerian acts, Peter and Paul; have really blessed and improved the quality of Nigerian cultural audience from Hip-hop, Dance hall to pure R&B records which struck in us still moments at mid 2000s from their classic, “Miss You Die”, “Game Over”, “Roll It”, “Alingo”, “Do Me” and major bangers which they delivered, left us stocked with their memories till date. They were really wonderful together. The duo is irreplaceable, and they practically engaged Nigerians in club way back, especially with their divine talents designed to work a perfect route for a distinctive career to glow in one. Well, the duo also assisted in building the cross over bridge in Nigerian music industry way back, which have seen the successful crossover of various acts till date. However, they have been literally left behind since their split is mysterious and they seem reckless about changing the situation. No position or true essence after the split, nor a genuine impact since their solo careers took off till date.

PSquare — Do Me (YouTube Official Video)

Perhaps, they have no plans for resurrection either. But obviously, Peter and Paul is derailing and going the wrong direction; only if their lovely late Mother, Mrs. Josephine Okoye, was alive to render the duo a better advice as she would be in a better position to reunite, bless and witness the tremendous increase of her progeny, Peter and Paul. Of course they’ve made certified hallmark in Nigerian music industry. PSQuare, settling for any separation that leads a route headed for no record release together, isn’t worth sacrificing no matter the cause or difference they might share. We still strongly believe in you two, if you both no longer; as you have unreleased testaments to still unveil us. You both once settled together, helped the industry thrive and now should be part of that force rendering pure, and real fine Nigerian R&B and Hip-hop taste, plus your outstanding Dance hall suction. For once, fly and aim higher together sitting inside the same craft, set the pace headed with unstoppable wave and distinction, attaching global cultural expansion away from Afro-beats. Please, don’t make us feel the indisputable PSQuare have nothing left to offer; but deep down destiny has tied you both together, forever. We need a Peter & Paul resurrection one more time, the glow is necessary so we can see the industry through a new shape that lies off from popular Afro-beats culture. You guys being together is a live long experience the world still awaits, longing for your transitions together from way back and deserve to capture you both electrifying moments dated from high school once more…

PSquare feat RickRoss — Beautiful Onyinye, Remix (Official Video)



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