Scoop My Thoughts: Wizkid, Made In Lagos Or Made In Women?

Agwuma Kingsley
7 min readNov 1, 2020

Made In Lagos project, has nothing real deep to write home about. Perhaps, you’ve thought of a legit expository about Lagos, Nigeria or a life in the hood or something richer? Hell no, neither was the relationship given any slight chance to build upon that your thought. Made In Lagos, perfectly anchored a vain cause, hovers around multiple vanity, extreme hedonism, sharing guest treat and special toasts for the sexy body women and waist whine.

That alone, never concealed the project unveiling a cause with filled Wizkid’s self gratification which flares through his revolting lyrical medium. Despite the fact that, it was built on a roll of amazing star occupant, guest appearances taking perfect stride; sitting and waiting for the empty cargo loaded — Made In Lagos to take off, the flight crashed abruptly on mid-air. Apparently, it has a lesser contraction towards Grammy wining potency compared to Burna’s “Twice As Tall” full packed project organized to feed every music lover, not only focused on vanity, lust and just empty lyrical experience.

Legendary Jamaican, Damian Marley, British, Skepta, Nigerian, Tay Iwa, Tems, Terri, Burnaboy and both American Singers, H.E.R and Ella Mai constructed the very best, they all offered distinction and it seemed like the best manifestation on the project from Damian Marley and H.E.R’s spot. They both wired specially, and couple others engineered to see the project scaled very strongly. But Wizkid, only stripped that golden essence naked, bashed the door closed, in his void pride maybe because his become vulnerable like a stale super-star. He is on a legit lookout for a medium to shine bright again with his art; like the superstar he was, who was immensely loved for his saccharine like artistry that tasted nice and thrived 10years ago.

Meanwhile, the generic sonic essence for Made In Lagos was truly powerful but Starboy’s lacked that continuous lyrical sauce to create exotic taste from start to finish. The project tuning accomplished smart success. Blaq Jerzee, Juls, London, Projexx, P2J and Kel P — They all positioned a severe sonic cogency that befits, enhancing a perfect durability to the listener. The sounds, bloody classic ravaging deluxe nurtured Afro-Pop, Reggae blends, Smooth Dancehall and presenting the culture through legit flowing Afro-beats tincture which dripped nicely into the major ends on the project inclusively. The project tunes, was beautifully designed to stay fit, but Wizkid’s revolting lyrical essence distracted the whole creation.

His opening track, “Reckless” began the heavenly race and leaves one to feel determined to stay still and listen. I felt it, really strong on this opening track. “I got a reason I got so much to give, shower the blessings and my cup running over. I no dey give a man more than what he deserve, coz them still dey bite the hand when dey feed am.” Sounds like Afro-Pop invasion, it was uncaged and was hitting fierce. Initially, the project was riding towards a bright direction where fading starboy gave thanks and proclaims he’s a winner despite the plans of denigrating agents to bring him down, or put his artistry into jeopardy. “Me no go let them play on my banjo” he vibes and consciously prays to still hold on. Immediately, he jumped on “Ginger”, featuring the African Giant — Burnaboy. Who was subject to the same fierce and strongly produced sounds offered to his blunt chorus, mixing up with Wiz causing eruption. Lyrically, Wiz began to loss from here, he began to focus on the women sexy body and waist whine with his purified vocal texture. Perhaps, he makes one believe his grown too reckless and staling away his saccharine sauced lyrics.

“Long Time” with Skepta, resurrected a feeling of there both 2019, “Bad Energy” kind of legit vibe. But, on here was like one that perfectly describes the women and it seemed like bending Skepta’s worth flowing weighty fluent. Wizkid, loves the women so much and he offers the lot. “Oh, my baby balance it oh, whine it oh” he keeps revolving his reckless attitude around his many hoes. Making his artistry paint images of couple women in our minds while there ain’t vids yet. He went further disposing his art nurtured vain lyrical essence. He was being very realistic and serious about rocking wickedest waist whine and fierce rotate. “No Stress”, “True Love”, “Mighty Whine”, “Sweet One” and “Piece Of Me” came with that mild guitar riffs and Afro tincture dripping nicely on Ella Mai’s gentle vocal like an alluring waist whining the sonic slow and killing it to hard seduction — Pure lust! “I know nobody can satisfy ya like me, so come and get, come get the piece….of me.” Seduction drawing closer to Wiz’s embrace.

“Essence” got super girl Tems, she shares her own portion of vanity with Wiz in a more touching manner and leaves one feeling loved, this time it was served with tremendous Afro-pop fusion clarity. “You don’t need no other body, only you fit hold my body.” It was really beautiful, expressing the-same vain lyrics without being holy raw. Tems showed her professional touch from start to finish. “Roma” featuring Terri, tried to kick start the project on new complete creation, it was mild dancehall and Afro-fusion garning endless melodies. “Gbedu go drop Erema go whine whoa whoa..” This spot was fun, lovely and beautiful. But, although it never stopped revolving about the vain cause. Wiz, recklessly, living his life at his own pace. “Gyrate” was also hot without diminishing any vanity essence, party, fun and gyration is what mattered on here, while “Grace”, shared the end, leaped lasting and the finishing wasn’t ever a bad idea. He shared life experiences, making more money and maybe continuing to live reckless. He says, “dem no fit run my race, run my race..” He is about his own race, and he isn’t caring any less about his family and inclusively making more money to live free and reckless.

Well, I began to get fed up already about the tremendous whine and rotate waist stuffs until “Blessed” came through, at the right time. I was blessed, and Damian Marley saved the near crashing project, he restructured the lyrical essence and it tasted, shared much different, it was really perfect here. This artistry on the album blessed, looks much like “reckless”, the first track but this time the chemistry was opined on a higher realm. How it was anchored and flared alongside Jah’s power strongly was Damian Marley’s perk, he saved the day. “I’m about to rough around the edges baby yes, I’ll keep it snappy and I’ll do what makes me happy and nobody can deny me that I’m blessed..” although, the project ended nice but that doesn’t fade the fact that Wiz, needs a band of songwriters to help him thrive higher and set the bar up higher against his racing denigrators. Meanwhile, “Smile” featuring H.E.R, was also mighty and was presented like another game changer on the album. “Smile” was hot and the mild tempo reggae hits the core and the feeling it shared abruptly, went deep down swaying directly into ones soul. “I love it when you smile, I’ll do anything for my love. I love it when you smile.” Quite different and better off than whining and rotating a woman’s waist all day long for almost 49mins? Wizkid, would need a redemption to remain the starboy he has presented in this part of the Nigerian world, maybe he is switching to focus his energy on his UK and American audience, making his artistry one time abhorrent to majority of us all.


Wizkid, has made a project that seem like one not fully engaging or perfectly resonating his native audience. His lyrical concept stales away. He curates an artistry, revolving around vanity and is selling wide outside his own country. He makes a different style entirely that’s revolt to us and suits his UK and US audience. Finally, Wiz doesn’t give a fuck about us over here because his “Made In Lagos” project hasn’t edge built around his locality but his seem like one living reckless coupled with various ladies, cashing out wild and designing a different Wizkid prints outside his own country. We loosing the Starboy, gradually and other acts would surely take his place. Made In Lagos, wasn’t the project I ever expected. Say the truth and be set free and don’t be all shady. He isn’t the Wiz, you loved 10years ago. A lot, has changed around a decade and we loosing the starboy slowly. You know it.



Agwuma Kingsley

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