Scoop My Thoughts: Timaya, “Gratitude.” He Cant Be Left Out In Nigerian Music Industry.

Literally, a major stream of self love, concern for fans, with an attachment of sentiment and thanks giving to the almighty flows like fountain from Timaya’s heart on this project.

Although, his the King of Nigerian dance-hall music. No one, can conquer or take his throne as he frontier’s the major corners of the genre holistic; wiring live through his art with a mixture of West African Afro fusion. He maneuvers excellence, design myriad collections of handy and very catchy songs. Timaya’s music, is a guide that leads listeners along a path that shines rays of endless joy and gladness. A natural, Timaya’s vibe leaves you feeling bold happiness added with dance moves structured to reset moody feelings. One is bent with glee to embrace dance moves reckless abandon, mostly in club and party halls where you are left with shaking and rocking bodies only. Look, once you approach his vibe on motion, you feel very free, open hearted and happy to rock the collection he delivers, with feeling divine gratitude deep down.

Every sound, that ferments the propagation of “Gratitude” was exclusive and taste exotic. The sonic experience generally crossed various paths, from Afro-fusion to Dancehall fusion on every end with a strong sign that preserves Timaya’s taste for the genre he governs in Nigerian music industry. Gratitude, is a project that describes the inner part of Timaya in different dimension where he exploits his thoughts, makes soft melody for relaxation and groves to usher the festive season at hand. Timaya’s project, serves many purposes. First, rejuvenate hope to one and would serve the purpose of bringing happiness to Nigerians after having a very hectic year.

The best part is, the album came as the rough year for an average Nigerian draws curtain closed as we hope the forthcoming year open us to greater opportunities and good fortune. Gratitude, might also serve other multipurpose as everyone alive should give thanks and praises to the almighty because about seeing the end of this hectic year has been God truly. The project, apart from Timaya’s persona attached, serves multipurpose essence and should be felt truly on every art. Gratitude, is victorious. The sonic essence binds, the sonic experience, one of a kind, powerful and leaps lasting effect for both cerebral appreciation and rocking bodies reckless abandon.


Timaya, has been active preserving his sauce, striving and thriving in Nigerian music industry alongside. He proves, his strength on Gratitude as he gives thanks and appreciate the most high. Gratitude, is a victorious project which shows another sign that Timaya still has more to deliver his fans, he has more to offer and he keeps it on showing his gratitude and expressing grateful heart for the gift of singing unique God has wired him. Timaya, can’t be left out in Nigerian music industry, his hardworking and his consistent. He deserves to be celebrated alongside, he loves to be regarded, he is the king of dancehall in Nigerian music industry and his proven through his truth and originality long time ago. He can’t be left out, gratitude would see him through.