Scoop My Thoughts: Omah Lay, “What Have We Done” A Sign Of His Full Maturity.

Agwuma Kingsley
3 min readNov 21, 2020

“What Have We Done”, an unstable rhetorical question demanding no answer from the act, because he has built walls with paintings of his pedigree and a strong focus that strikes his dominion in Nigerian music industry. He is young, and he radiates extraordinary excellence.

What have we done, a follow up compiled record to his previous “Get Layd” project which established his trust and structured a legit pace that have lead perfection on his artistic path.

He comes through, with his super-powers, his overnight maturity and braveness lingering hope that the star, Omah Lay, would do more. What have we done. Omah Lay, asks, directly to his fans, and those who loves his art immensely. He directs the-same questions in another manner to one we could easily describe as his special lover who tends to mesmerize his heart and feeling.

Omah Lay, sings on the project with the formation of credibly emotion with deepened feeling. So, he asked his lover the same question he asked his fans, but this time, demanded answer because she seemed to have been pacing his state of mind to perplexity. He makes his true confession, creates an unhidden magic through the project entirety.

“What have you done to me/What are you doing to me/Why am I feeling this way” He choruses with affection effects on “Bebe”. Omah Lay, singed like one who was lust and needs his babe caressing to be satisfied. The powerful sonic experience, carried on and formed the exotic Omah Lay’s vibe. But this time, with more propensity and cruise that opens the project fully.

“Can’t Relate” was built on emotion, “Nobody can fit relate/Only lord save my soul from fire/I got the drive don’t need a rider/this people wan deflate my tyre/lord delete them.” Pure emotion gushing out, and he makes a prayer for protection and asked the almighty to delete his denigrating agents. The sonic essence built strong. The strings made its way, fully westernizing the west African Afro-fusion. Bright enough to make you repeat, Omah Lay’s artistry tends to become dependable addiction.

“Godly” was strong enough. A place he regarded his source for creativity. “I thank God I godly/say God no ungodly/Oluwa na comfort me when this people dey bother me/That’s why I jaiye sometimes with a little Henny and ice/Me I no fit drag the shine/Oluwa na be my Kanji Dam”. Omah Lay, build a little of his history and breaks the sonic essence in parts. His creative might rosed strongly, showing matured elements through his deluxe delivery on Godly.

“Confession”, was where he continued to express emotion, “I got a confession/listen to my confession.” He wakes up to make his confession to the girl who makes him feel unrest, steals his heart away, he got a confession that spells his love and never wants his woman to be with another man. Omah Lay, seem to love better than any one else. He is been obsessed, he confesses and makes the creation exotic with the mild tempo. Afro fusion that consumes the listener slow.

“Damn” features sensational American singer, 6lack. They re-created memories and left a lasting effect on with propensity as the project closed on this spot. Everything, showcased Omah Lay’s maturity and a strength that lingers within to do more. The new comer, is thriving and he is one of the slight reason many weak Nigerian superstars woke. He is the future, that also leads on westernizing the west African Afro-fusion.


Omah Lay, creates another spot to prove his weighty capacity and a propensity that shows a dimension of his capability westernizing the Afro-beat and African pop culture. He is taking over. The newcomer, is really notable and has earned love from many corners with his art. His become signee with American Warner Music Group, a strong sign and relationship that sinks with dominance beyond Africa. Hail, the young king, Omah Lay, he is grown matured and he is part of the travelers that tends to westernize Afrobeats.



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