Scoop My Thoughts: Davido, A Good Time To A Better Trash?

David Adeleke, known popularly as Davido. The 27-year old Nigerian singer, staked us to a host of melodies, rooted from R&B to pure West African, Afro-fusion. He made listeners feel relaxed through memorable moments graced specially with enhanced lyrical experiences on his previous record project ‘A Good Time’. Which successfully treasured peace, love, entrenched with friends and family, plus a sign that connotes sentimental relief and freedom spilling off through the project’s entirety.

Davido, promised to unfold similar record project laced with better experiences on them. The best experience per say, wasn’t not long enough, he promised a new phase of ‘A Good Time’ release, themed ‘A Better Time.’

We kept verge hopes as David introduced us to a single, accompanied with his deliberate hit making portion. Wired with a blunt effect that leaps with an attachment of lyrical criticism, leaving questionable notions that highlights and was directed towards his rivals musically. “Tell Odogwu say we like to party/just call me if you wan know 30BG/Why you come dey para/para for me.” He choruses, leaving several unhidden notion blank and behind. ‘Fem’ was curated and kept us to wait. We accompanied a severe expectation for the ‘better’ project Davido has promised. He announced through his social media pages early this year simply because he tends to amplify proves of his creative orthodox which was made obvious on his previous 2019, hit record project.

13th November, 2020, the anticipated project was released. The LP represented the follow up creation that seeks unhidden answers. Firstly, showcased David’s dominance in art with multiple global features on the project. But then, the theme ‘Better Time’ was never realized on the generic creation. Better Time, failed because the essence co-relating her ‘Good Time’ twin kept at our verge to enjoy the best times was distorted and the project lacked the former creativity which catapulted good time made with family, friends and companion. There’s nothing better about ‘Better Time’ and if you think you’ve got answers, I’ll wait until you spill off the co-relationship ‘Good Time’ has with this project that losses its way from an opening track.


Davido, naturally meant well for a ‘better time’. Perhaps by seeking union, building a stronger bond between his family, companion and his nation. But then, handful tracks misplaced the themed essence and invariably the project lacked genuine creativity to ride along its theme a dream come through for the LP. Davido, created less records that’d preserve the themed aptness. ‘Better Time’ re-counts a loss in its curation, lesser creativity and nothing new consigned to David’s artistry despite the collaboration made alongside. The record, counted only few victories compared to the previous project. A Good Time, would still remain My fave Davido’s project where he tries making a union that’d work naturally through his creative orthodox. Better Time, wasn’t creative enough to its theme and it’s better trash compared to his previous project. Deal with it.




I’m a creative writer, online publisher, contributor and PR Consultant.

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Agwuma Kingsley

Agwuma Kingsley

I’m a creative writer, online publisher, contributor and PR Consultant.

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