Olamide — Goes Back To Curate Evergreen Tunes. ‘Carpe Diem’ Album Review.

Olamide, the 31-year old father of two is back to curating deep sonic experiences through the prevailing project titled — ‘Carpe Diem.’ The horn of YBNL Mafia, Adedeji Olamide. Signed a contract with Empire, the American music distribution company which also clutched the success of his recent project.

Olamide, has continued to drive a stake and piercing listeners heart after his previous studio project which was released early this year in February and was titled — ‘999EP.’ A weak piece which has faded away. Olamide knows this and his planted another seed and it is what is sprouting, it’s roots have been dunked into our minds and it has designed his artistry on anew plain, he is truly the king of the street.

The notable, Nigerian street rapper has deliberately become much better, with great diversity on his recent project through qualitative collaboration. The choice of collaboration sheds his pure aptness on featured records through out the project. So he once more dazzled us into anew light, anew style of his artistry through his 8th studio project, ‘Carpe Diem.’ This project lays his artistry on a thick divergent dimension. His grown way older making this kind of art consistently, he is become wilder. Sonically blinded and making his collaboration a cautious experience one can quickly sink into; and then floating this project with few notable Nigerian Afro-pop superstars which abruptly kindled the vibe and reassured the essence of the ‘Carpe Diem’ project deeper.

Nonetheless, Olamide took some of the record producing all stars and they did apt productively. It started from his ex record producer, Young John, who finished the usual way ‘Young John, the wicked producer!’ He conjured nicely just like when he was with ex-record boss — Olamide, tracing the lengthy years behind. Young John, the wicked producer — collide neatly with no scratch on this project; and Pheelz, P.Prime, Idcabasa and V.Sticks did took tracks from the project to great echelon also. It was quality and qualitatively structured evergreen.

‘Carpe Diem’, took on it hills distinctive from several support of great Nigerian super stars. First off, it was really an excellent collaborative effort starting out from the Starboy, Omah Lay’s effort which took a very special tang for ‘Infinity.’ The third track on the project which captivated one unruly. He choruses and Olamide backs him finely completing the magic vibe and taking it to echelon. Omah Lay soaks his lit exceptional vocals at the middle of the track and chorused, “she say thing infinity, infinity. Infinity. She say make I put it in. Make I put it in. Put it in.” It goes on sweet and Olamide finished off bright on the spot, while the vibe meant like rich glorious domain for the project.

Remember, the featured tracks on this project are really remarkable and have been posed with neat effect and it transcends the real Olamide’s innate artistry. although he delivered perfection because his an exceptional one, his hopping street friendly and drastic weren’t posed much on the project, he was absolutely a neutral kind and he as well represented a pure hop and afro-pop-star on the project.

Bella Shumurda, came through and blasted lively on the fifth track. He went Loud and cutting the edges unapologetic. He was exuding the beautiful essence of ‘Triumphant.’ He sings, “man am triumphant and I’ve been through a lot. Many people hate me hustle but God no gree.” He does his part perfectly and nicely while Olamide fetched his lyrical essence with praise and many gratitude. Creativity wasn’t farfetched on this spot and it gave voice and encouraging words to the hopeless and voiceless youths out there. Hope and radical encouragement. Triumphant, was worthy, encouraging and a victorious one on the project.

The king of the east, Phyno. His spot was next and he murdered alongside his brother, the king of the west — Olamide. ‘Shilalo’, the ninth track which describes fun between the opposite sex. Olamide chorused priceless with Igbo, “egebumadu” meaning — “you go kill man” the track was quite definite and headed straight to G.Spot. “Shilalo, anywhere we dey she dey Shilalo. When I’m in mood she dey Shilalo. Even when I’m not, she dey Shilalo. Egebumadu” Olamide kicks off the chorus. The cruise was soft and would be sweet to watch a video clips though. “In my thoughts.” But then, Phyno took his place alongside and headed straight. The track was hopping neat, it was really awesome and it was like a full solution of Afro-hiphop between the east and western kings, they kept hitting the same spot. And “Shilalo” ended really beautiful.

Bad boy Timz, came through with V.Sticks and they ended up dishing that street essence for ‘Loading’ track which had the King of the street on it , Olamide. Altogether, the tune purely headed for fun and stated the partying specifically. “I can’t feel my face no more. I can’t feel my legs no more.” The sweetness magnifies and V.Sticks, the record producer kept flying the height to echelon and beyond as it was nicely delivered on the tenth spot of the project.

Perruzi, the ex DMW Afro-pop-star who has an innate structure for lovely tunes, great lyrics and exceeding cruise. He came through, and did apt for ‘Unconditionally.’ He choruses deeply, and exuded his feelings from beneath. It’s about love and emotion on here. “I’ve been trying to let you know, that darling I gat you oh. Kuti, don’t loose control oo. Mati go kpo kpo-de-kpo..’ he continues to relish and V.Sticks played nice and it was really wonderful on here.

Fireboy DML, Olamide’s special treat who distinctively curated his artistry on here. ‘Plenty’ is really a solid tune and it’s kinda sticky to ones own soul. Fireboy DML, finished perfectly here and Olamide kept flowing with ease and it left a honorable remark as this spot closed the project finely. Giving gratitude to the most high for ‘plenty plenty’. Plenty blessings, plenty joy, plenty ladies and a lot. Opor is necessary and Fireboy, actually singed along neat. No stress, the closure on the project is definite and it ended great.


Olamide, ‘Carpe Diem’ 12-track project never left with any bad or dreadful experience even from his single deliveries. I really think the project could be easily described as a coat. The type which has stripes of many forms or varieties of beautiful colors. Not as only being focused on his features on the project. But, his intro with ‘Another Level’ next to ‘Greenlight’, ‘Eru’, ‘At Your Service’, ‘Do Better’ and ‘Chimichanga’ wasn’t dreadful too, but it radiates that many colors that shines richly through accordingly. Including his featured tracks. Olamide, fashioned this project like his replacing a thick bond to his previous project — ‘999.’ And it is written, this one would really stands time. It’s a piece that shows forth various colors. Partying and fun, encouragement, loving and living good life. It’s really beautiful. ‘Carpe Diem’ is like one of Olamide’s best project of a lifetime. Maybe decade, because his is going platinum legendary.



I’m a creative writer, online publisher, contributor and PR Consultant.

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Agwuma Kingsley

I’m a creative writer, online publisher, contributor and PR Consultant.