Lil Wayne: The Anointed American Rapper, The King Of Wordplay.

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Lil Wayne — King Of Word Play

Over the years that I’ve been listening, enjoying and understanding American hip-hop creations, I noticed the close striking sensation from every lyrical experience which most acts initiates listeners clinging to their art; the very notable word juxtaposing they carry out, switching words differently and sometimes to form direct images in my mind, makes the rap music more relishing to me. Well, I don’t really know if you’ve felt this way but then, at this point listening to the music, it makes me keen about learning the rap flows, to flow along the act. So most times I sing along to every note and enjoy the striking word play which they offer me till the end. Well, at this point of my story, I hope you fully understand clearly how this superstars initiates you to a firm, strong bond in their artistry. The one I call, word play effects.

The living American male Hip-hop all stars, are a varieties of lyrical strikers who makes word play fun to sit with when listening to their songs. They culminate very beautiful hopping sonic, alongside notable flows to keep the rewind and your ever blazing love while listening, as they dice different striking words across your mind with sustaining images attached while listening the song. The word play effects, they unveil, with great lyrical experiences. The likes of, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, Birdman, Snoop dog, Dr. Dre, Wiz Khalifi, Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Rick Ross, Asap Rocky, Future, Gunna, The Game, P.Diddy and many more great living, lyrical strikers.

Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars — Mirriors (Official Music Video)

Well, I’ve taken time listening to the most aforementioned stars, which makes the word play effect interesting to sit with, in their records; and it leaves me wondering, who the King Of this Word play and lyricism is? However, I’m a big fan of the varieties of this strikers but then, I’ve been left with many goalless records, with too many hot strikers on the roll of American male hip-hop all stars. Although, so many greats have left the cultural spaces to the grave and I simply focused on living legends, and red hot superstars to crown my own King of word play and lyricism, who serves intriguing flows on the roll of every records created.

Lil Wayne, flows with excellent word playing effects on ‘Anne Stan’, He heads this way, “Dear Anne, my Number one fan, I write with live in the lamp on my night stand, with my pen in my right hand, and also my mic hand, codeine and sprite can, ink on a white pad and I’m thinking of life and I’m only writing, sometimes I’m right, sometimes I might,” Lil Wayne continues to dig deep through my imaginations and I can’t help this anymore. Watch it below, enjoy and lay your own full confirmation of his neat and fully connected artistry.

Lil Wayne — Anne Stan (Part2)

Dwayne Michael Carter, the 38-year old American rapper, popularly known as Lil Wayne, is a very great superstar. Who infinitely amazes me, how he never runs dry on striking lyrics that never comes forth without missing scoring in the net. He strikes efficiently and it makes me testify of his star studded attribution, how he is a very anointed rapper who breaks the yoke with ease without grumbling; slowly he flows on a sonic and makes very strong and deliberate remark. He is an award winning lyricist and he glides on a low tempo most times, makes momentary memories on his listeners mind. Remember, I shared a story about getting direct images from these rappers and I was exact about this; tilting towards the powerful Lil tunechi’s records which he drives a stake of songs built with words that forms momentary thoughts and imaginations.

The legendary Dwayne establishes serial lyricism and boring word play effect for his “President Carter” track. He heads striking lyrics and word play mechanisms, “Tattoos like mechanics mechanisms, uh, detrimental on any instruments; I say you rapping sweet I’ll pay the incidentals” He strikes words together and continues, very close to goal post, He keep juxta-positioning the words differently, headed to score it in;

“Appetite for disaster, I want a four plate and another plate after; Uh, yesterday just died, tomorrow never cried, the days of our live; when shit get deep I’m never afraid to die, let the money pile up until I’m buried alive, ask who the f**k run it I’ll bring to your door bell.” He scored it in! Did the word playing effects stake through your sense with any attached Imaginations? Anyways, I’ll leave that answer to you. Meanwhile see the full record below;

Lil Wayne — President Carter

Lil Wayne, is the king of the word playing effects and you can find that on his most records, including his featured tracks which continually paints sticky momentary images to ones mind. His “Anne”, “I’m Me”, “Drop the World”, “How To Love”, “HYFR”, “She Will” , “Mirrors”, “6feet”, “Loyal”, “Rich As Fuck”, “President Carter”, “My Life”, “Alphabets” and lots more keeps the glow and maybe you can also try to look closer towards his direction. Don’t spend time wondering much, because we are focused on living acts, perhaps we might have another striker who’s late and is beyond this act; but for the living who really drives wordplay stake strongly into the listeners heart and soul, Lil tunechi’s the greatest of all time. Well, you can deal with it or accept, but if you wouldn’t mind, his records aren’t far from checks to lay the confirmation of his undisputable greatness — the tunes god.



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