Kranium: The Jamaican, Newly Ordained Club-Minister.

Agwuma Kingsley
3 min readOct 11, 2020

Dancehall-music, is a highly skilled genre of music. The genre is been ruled by noble superstars who have earn leveled dexterity handling flexibility of tunes. This noble stars renders great cohesiveness for the genre in alluring manners and they greatly represents the genre as ordained club ministers and party-headmasters; they are simply the ones who love to see the masses on the dance floor waggling heads non-stop with unending hedonism; sipping there liquor, holding there babes soft and rubbing each other’s bodies as the rich captivating dancehall rhythm flows through them.

Dancehall music, is severe. It has a very great intensity. It’s very lively and should leave a real nigga bouncing critical, sipping his liquor on the dance floor. And for the young hot sexy body ladies: twerking and wiggling her waist line vehemently. It’s fun and should be expressed in full. One should be left to apply innate sense of reckless abandon as the beat rolls deeper. Well, in the music industry we’ve got certain masters on the genre. The ones we could bestow, call on them because their stage performance goes flaring lituation. There sound always refueling and serves as great cure for boredom.

27-year old, Kemar Donaldson popularly known as Kranium. He is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer known for his 2013 hit single “Nobody Has To Know.” His deliveries are never late. He has never been far-fetched for an excellent delivery when party grove is concerned, and he should be held close for his powerful redemption on the genre. His touch are purifying and it goes on to render perfect strides; upholding great excellence and high leveled dexterity. Kranium, is one of a kind and his elements always amplifying the genre. It’s innate and comes from deep, from within. It can also be traced from his Jamaican root. Because he cuts the genre real deep both on singles and featured tracks.

In an interview with “ALL HIPHOP TV”, Kranium says,

“I love music, I love rhythm and I treat my music like me woman…” He says. “I take care of me music and me music takes care of me too.” He concludes expressing his genuine love for the art basically.

“You know, Dancehall music is not a priority but we ah fit give them flavor, so we mix the flavor and make you feel good.” He says once more.

Well, Kranium is a certified dancehall superstar. He leaves you to endless rhythm feeling great relief to your soul mostly when his on the back of the genre riding. Kranium, is like a party dancehall expert and his glorious to the genre. He is remarkable and does deserves many crowns for his redemption curating huge gratification through the genre.

Kranium, the act who’ve been featured on tracks with couple of Nigerian superstars and have designed real excellence on them all. He bruises the genre. He renders one to dwell upon rare sounds, dealing with rich experience through the Caribbean sauce rising clear rhythms to fullest for the vibe he initiates is a strong pursuit for joy and relief. “One Change”, a Phyno record which featured the act was spanking hot. Destroying the club houses and has left prints of joy inner our hearts. Kranium, makes dancehall come alive mostly when he goes on features with Nigerian acts.

He was also featured on”Whine Fi Mi” by the popular Nigerian Afro-pop-star, 1dabanton. Another record which was remarkable. The deliveries for “Whine Fi Mi” was quite exotic and very fulfilling. His touch is full of perfection and his “Can’t Believe” track, a 2017 record which also featured the Nigerian Starboy, Wizkid and couple other acts was another great bunch of excellence. Dripped exquisite and was smooth. Strictly defining Kranium’s great aptitude for the genre.

Kranium’s touch is exclusive and highly remarkable. His taste is rich and exotic. Kranium’s, no doubt one of the frontier in the genre. He is a true minister and you could trace his art deeper and you shall live to understand he owns a cure for boredom through his legit artistry. And his gent touch on the genre is prevailing and full of excellence for one to actually relax with and solemnly embrace.



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