I just released my Debut book, it shows, How much I love you.

Agwuma Kingsley
2 min readJul 22, 2021
Book Promotional Ad Cover — Designed By: Detty Tosyn
Book Promotional Ad Cover — Designed By: Detty Tosyn

It took me months to put this work together, after I have spent a month with my Dad, in his new apartment — I watched the anime on Nickelodeon multiple times, and it overly became an idea and today it has reached fruition. It has been born to live with you and me in this world. Because, You are the one I think of each time I go to bed, before I sleep & each time I wake; I think of ways to shape the culture you live by that might have been affecting how your lives operate. I love you!

Well, I wrote this piece for several purposes, towards a better understanding of how men perceive love; how Bob himself, exactly becomes an instrument of that love. SpongeBob, leads a great example of true love in fiction, meanwhile, love itself goes beyond fiction. You don’t have to miss this!

SpongeBob SquarePants Official Theme Song — Composed By Derek Drymon, Mark Harrison, Stephen Hillenburg &Blaise Smith

About This Book:

SpongeBob’s qualities are unique and impeccable that it comes entirely with the significant essence of inspiring a better society with each application. In between adopting his attributes is to exonerate a place for better leaders to exist in, including leaders who could evolve the pains living in their time in exchange for what a better life comes with; to change the society’s ills into positivity.

This animation has a significant impact to erode many negatives from our point of living, despite the challenges that it may come with as he lends us a share of his unconditional love on the verge of hoping he inculcates us with this valuable culture. SpongeBob, through fiction, lends his hand to impact our society positively through an approach that goes beyond fictional imprints. He preaches love to us, thereby indirectly affecting our lives and others indeed, as he was created to be a vessel of honor and worth like my mom taught me. And I’m practicing every day. I learned a lot more from Bob, and it overly seems related to mom’s attributes indeed, as I hope it shapes you as you learn some more from watching to take essential keynotes with you to shape your lives.

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