Celine Dion: The Queen Of Pop and R&B Won’t Stop Hooking Hearts Since Late 80s.

Music owns a breath. It radiates a force in it’s form capable of creating feelings in the heart of listeners. So music, generically it’s way beyond acts recording their voice on a beat or either performing live for audience who loves the art, sings to each note and enjoys every progression of rhythm without holding unto a strong feeling? The art should strike through them and hook their entire soul, it should leap a strong and lasting effect capable of changing situations, generating actions through the feelings it paints on them inside.

The popular Canadian, R&B and Pop singer, Celine Dion, makes no less difference. Her artistry has been marked as one which creates one of the best moments that hooks listeners to diverse emotions strongly associated with loving and romance. Her songs expresses feelings that still associates with heart break experiences, relationship chaos and its vague attributes.

Celine Dion is the relentless Canadian superstar that have continued to hook the heart of generations with her still art, built on a bunch of spiritualism, its exposes experiences random people encounter in relationships and there everyday activity facing emotional thrust. Celine Dion’s music mends and tears down emotion, but it’s mostly fond with hooking peoples heart together. I still listen and enjoy the fruits of her art, they serve like supernatural healing balm and I find rest after listening. So I felt this so strongly and decided to ask a neighbor, he is named Joe, married with grown ups, at his early 60s. I asked if he listens to her art and he affirmed, expressing with the compulsive power of her songs towards his own soul. He shares with keen interest.

“You see Celine Dion music, she sabi compose in a way be say you go enjoy am/e be like worship sometimes/e cool for person head and you go fit take am communicate to woman you love if she fit understand.” The man says satisfying his interest and continued with smiles playing on his face.. “Me I take her music catch plenty girls that year o/Celine Dion was my favorite singer/she sings to everyone who can understand, even as I old like this/she still sings to me”. He ends after he played a broad smile on his face, expressing joy, fulfillment and gladness as he unveils that he used the Queens artistry to saturate the act of true love in the heart of his wife today. He ends happily and finally explained a kind of spiritualism that he tastes in her art basically. He loves her creations apparently and appreciates the fact his been hooked by her net a long time ago and he felt free to use the art as an instrument to hook his side lovers unapologetic at old age.

Celine Dion has hooked many hearts that loves her art which grows with an increasing beauty. Her songs have kept many hearts close together with an unfading effect, it has re-invented unionism, created live scenario through lyrical experiences and taught lessons to generations about emotion entanglement, heart break, true love and feelings. Celine Dion, is the queen of Pop and R&B in her time and the fact is she won’t stop hooking hearts together. Her artistry is a lifetime appraisal and would surely serve lessons to teach more generations to come.

I’m a creative writer, online publisher, contributor and PR Consultant.