Adebayo, Solomon, Buchi, and Jonathan’s Story About True Love

Agwuma Kingsley
3 min readJan 26, 2022


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Listen, there is no misery or hidden regrets about one finding true love. Love is what it is, incorruptible, selfless, not resentful, not hostile or unforgiving as it comes with all the purity likened as a diamond and its lustre nature; it is how love can be, however, someday or when next love knocks on your door, do not hesitate to open up but first Love God.

Perhaps you had a failed relationship with the one you claimed to be in love with or that claimed to love you more than everything else in this world, and promised to spend forever with you, even proposed with a ring kneeling in front of you and has had failed promises that never made crossroads; learn, someday or when next love knocks on your door, open up, however, be sure to love God first.

“I’ve had a fair share of the failed relationships as well and although I’ve made the crossroads to where love lie, I’ve learned to love God first,” Adebayo said exchanging ideas with his friends, Solomon, Buchi, and Jonathan while I was amidst them in a cab riding towards Aztech event center in Port-Harcourt for an event during the early evening hours around 7:30 pm.

Adebayo explained how he has suffered being through the waves of failed relationships, however, he currently thinks he has found the right woman for him. His other three companies including me the stranger amidst them as they held unto the discursive sessions inside a cab I spent less than 30mins as we launched to Aztech Arcum event center, Port-Harcourt. I learned so much from these peculiar people. According to Solomon and Jonathan, who said they have wives and advised their colleague showing they’re in support to their other friend Adebayo, who seems happy and content with his newfound woman.

“Love only exists when God centers it; many have multiple failed relationships because they take God out of it,” Adebayo says with grits and satisfaction filling his v-face as he held so much belief to have found the right one.

True love lurks around the corner, remember well what we learned right from the first paragraph of this story. The truth is always valid and it is not unstable no matter where it finds itself. And the fact is when you love God first, you would easily determine and differentiate between love and its opposite which dwells amongst resent, impure hearts, lacking gratitude, understanding unforgiveness, selfishness mostly, and the likes. When you love God it becomes easy to detect love reason being that God himself is love.

Notwithstanding on the same note, when love knocks on your door, don’t hesitate to open up and usher it in (him/her), however, love God first.

It was after so much learning from Adebayo’s company involving Solomon, Jonathan, and Buchi who drove the black Toyota Venza which we all sat in the air-conditioned atmosphere coolly and headed for an event I had business with, and it was then I asked their names and even exchanged contacts with them also.



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